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The Miroglio

Group has completed the major restyling of its historic Milan showroom in Via Burlamacchi 4. Thanks to an optimal reorganization of the interior and an attentive distribution of displays, the refurbished premises are today welcoming guests and leading international clients to a presentation setting which has been redesigned to attribute the right value and prominence to the new collections of the Group’s brands.

The project set out to respect the diverse features of a building in which a residential structure from the early 1900s links up with a more industrial, modern area (open-plan elements and big windows), forming a stylish, contemporary mix between the fluid look of a productive area and the traditional language of an old-style Milan home. The big main door opening onto Via Burlamacchi becomes the new entrance for the showroom’s four storeys, giving immediate access to the garden leading, on the one hand, to the spaces given over to the Press Office, and on the other to the reception and display areas. Unifying elements are the oak plank flooring and the natural sheet iron furniture. Taking centre stage over the 1,500 square metres of the renovated showroom will be the Elena Mirò, Caractère, Ter, Diana Gallesi.