The proven quality and success of our work, the constantly growing awareness of our activities and the positive image of Mambretti, are all good reasons for your company to assume social responsibility with our organisation. Mambretti fashion team forges an individual cooperation with each company.


Miroglio Group is a leading Italian industrial company that operates in the
fashion and textile industries on a global scale. The Group is also a great example of integrated logistics both in the fashion and textile. Miroglio Fashion is the Miroglio Group company which creates, produces and distributes 12 womenswear brands, (Caractere, Diana Gallesi & Elena Miro).[website]

Caractère was launched by the Miroglio Group in the mid-90’s with a collection inspired by women that only wear the clothes they want to wear. Today, just as it was then, the Caractère woman is timeless, an established and pragmatic working woman that has rewritten the rules of femininity to reflect her own image with general and sensual creativity. [webpage]   [website]

Elegant, timeless, seasonless and comfort are key words in describing La Petite Robe Collection designed by Chiara Boni. Chiara Boni, being a dynamic and well traveled woman, created a collection to meet the needs of today’s women. [webpage]  [website]

Under Italy’s Miroglio Fashion umbrella, Elena Mirò is aimed at women who don’t necessarily fit into model sizes and Dell’Acqua relished the opportunity to design for real customers. “I created the capsule thinking of a beautiful woman who wants beautiful clothes, not in terms of sizes,” said Dell’Acqua. ALESSANDRO DELL’ACQUA X ELENA MIRÒ, created a collection to meet the needs of today’s women. [webpage]  [website]

Diana Gallesi reflects the motto “classic but not only”. It is all about a “raffinated” and elegant woman who discovers a reason to dress even in the tiniest details. During the years the collections managed to give different interpretations of the woman that were perfectly incarnated by the stars of the campaigns: Simonetta Gianfelici, Milly Carlucci, Roberta Capua, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marta Cecchetto, Isabella Ferrari. In the year 2012, Lorella Cuccarini, “the dancer, the singer, the mother, the actress” starred in the campaign and famous photographer Paolo Zambaldi succeeded to highlight the communication power of Lorella, a TV personality distinguished due to her great talents. [webpage] [website]

Since 2011 The Elena Miro’ White Collection was created to featuring a slightly slimmer fit aimed at a more refined, sophisticated woman with a strong personality, who loves subtle decorations. [webpage] [website]

“Eclectic”, this is the key word featuring the look of emma&gaia woman. Emma&gaia woman isn’t afraid to risk by mixing many contrasting and unusual styles, fancies, colors and accessories but always paying the utmost attention to details and volumes.
She loves wearing leather with studs together with laces and satin, being very feminine and determinate at the same time she is never simperer, in case sly and ironic like her look.
In the wardrobe of emma&gaia woman cannot miss the leather jacket, the over-size sweater, the t-shirt, the petticoat in lace, all in perfect vintage style. [webpage] [website]

Definition of great talent, her ability to create a rich relation with beauty allows her to convey emotions and amaze through her creations resulting in a marvelous feeling. [webpage] [website]

Valery company was born in 1978. Due to the intuitions and capacities of the Demichelis family (Lorenzo as the general director and art director, Giovanna as the product manager and Sabrina as head of the commercial area), in 20 years, the firm was so efficiently established in the field of fashion, that was able to distribute its own creations to 40 countries. The recognition came soon with the certification of the European Union which included Valery in 1995 between the 500 most innovative European companies, the first Italian company to receive such an acknowledgment.
About the “Intimo” lines
Rosapois corresponds to the young side of corsetry, carefree, with simple but appetizing shapes. A vibrant and funny mood for sleepwear and loungewear, everything designed with endless details that make the difference.
Valery is the main brand of corsetry and loungewear: intriguing, nostalgic and irresistible. Made with Chantilly leavers laces and precious fabrics for a target increasingly advanced and receptive.
Valery Prestige is absolutely the corsetry line most architectural and structured, with a retro mood, high tax of sensuality, luxurious and with a couture atmosphere.
About the Beachwear lines
Rosapois Mare is the youngest line, made with fresh and bright colors and funny printings.
Valery Blu is characterized by its craft workings and its target is an exigent and careful woman that loves swimwear, clothes and accessories.
Valery Prestige Beachwear Collection is created for a specific target, invernal cruise holidays and unforgettable exotic resort, with a luxurious and elegant mood.
Since 2009 Valery bought Raffaela D’angelo’s trademark license after 20 years of consultancy by the most prestigious companies in swimwear, lingerie and homewear companies. Raffaela realize her first collection from the idea to create a high quality product, that will celebrate the femininity, the elegance, the sensuality and that will arouse emotions in women. An entirely made in Italy collection and distributed in the best national and international boutiques.
In 2009 Valery wins in Paris the prestigious award “creator of the year 2009” for the best lingerie creation, award established by the city of Paris and by the
. [webpage] [website]